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The Indian Education system is undergoing a lot of changes especially with the new education policy coming into play. While it’s still time for us to see the far reaching impact it promises to bring, it is imperative that we don’t lose precious years of our children’s academic lives and make good decisions. The innumerable career options and courses available in today’s time and the information overload makes it very confusing both for parents and students alike. It is here that My Big Leap comes in to help you. We help you not just to suggest which courses to apply to but also help find the right fit for your child in various modes of education-liberal arts, traditional university setups etc. while keeping in mind his future career goals.

How we can help

If studying in India is your goal then My Big Leap can offer personalized guidance, support and counselling to help you achieve this. We have an extensive personal experience of education in India. Contact My Big Leap for more information and to find out how you can take your first steps to succeed in your ambition.

Career Counselling and Psychometric Tests Evaluation


University Selection Advice


Profile building Advice


Application Process & Essay Guidance


Universities our students have got offers from

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To make your Big Leap in a Top Indian University
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