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June 24, 2018

Amidst all the excitement of preparation, exams and results we could distinctly sense a lurking anxiety that parents had with respect to their children’s future and the impending decisions that they need to make. Needless to say, there is no parent who would like to make either a wrong decision or overlook/miss an opportunity that could set up their child on the best career path...

From Un-questioning Learners to Thinkers/Innovators


March 25, 2018

History has established beyond doubt that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon one can have to change the world’. Education – in its true sense will determine the future of the country. In this light, our schools and education system bear a huge responsibility in shaping  India’s future. Needless to say –  the overall curriculum that we impart to children has to constantly evolve to make the young India future ready…

Exams - To stress or no to stress

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February 22, 2018

Our preoccupation with textbooks is probably a pointer to our obsession with the finishing line – EXAMS – rather than focusing on the process of learning! The routine school examinations, more often than not, evaluate a child’s capacity to learn by rote, and reproduce, on a particular day. Clearly this evaluation process allows very little degree of freedom to the child’s individuality and analytical capacity. The evaluation methodology seems to be geared more towards making the system simple for teachers rather than assessing the true abilities and potential of a child. This is where all the stress and anxiety related to exams starts building up…

Why should you go for Career Counselling?

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