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Study Abroad

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Our Approach

We work beside top-tier students and their parents to maximize their probability of getting accepted to their elite dream school, with enviable acceptance rates, while creating clarity, guidance, ease and support throughout this high-stakes journey. We provide admission guidance for countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Europe, Australia and more. It is an end-to-end career and college counselling that is personalized and best fit for you so as to guide you through which countries to apply to, shortlisting of universities, courses leading to Profile building, Personal Statements/ Essays, Letter of Recommendations, application process etc. We believe in the potential of each child, and guide them from an early stage to discover and pursue their interests, assess their career options, and support them through their college application process. Throughout the consulting process, the focus is on overall development of the skills and abilities of the student, along with finding a suitable college match and helping the student reach where he or she will be successful.

Our Process

A college application is not just a set of application forms that need to be filled out. There is also no one formula for success. Building the right profile is the key to getting admitted into your dream college. We help you achieve that through a structured process. We guide you with a customized roadmap ahead and help you set academic and extracurricular milestones to best prepare you for admissions in top global universities.


Building Strategy for a unique Stellar Profile


Shortlisting the right Country & Universities


Essay Brainstorming & LORs Guidance


College Application Checking & Submission


Scholarship Support


Interview Preparation

Universities our students have got offers from

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